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Get started on your skip with just one click

A fast and easy way to skip your loan payment this month!

Just not feeling it this month? Skip-A-Pay allows you to enjoy more of your money, so you can do more of the things that YOU want to do!

We heard you loud and clear! This is why we are bringing back one of our most anticipated programs offered at GTE Financial, year-round! For a low, one-time payment of $35.00, eligible members can skip their loan payment during the month of their choice and get back to more of what life has to offer!

To see if any of your loans qualify, click on the button below and login to online banking - or locate the Everything Else tab in the banner near the top of your online banking homepage, select Rewards, and select Skip A Pay. Just click “accept”, and follow the prompt to pay the fee via ACH or an internal GTE account, and your next payment will be skipped. It’s that simple!

Qualifying Information:

  • Offer is only valid for qualifying loans to skip one time per 12 calendar months
  • If a member has multiple qualifying loans, you may skip each loan at different times
  • Loan account(s) and membership must be in good standing

Click to View Current Eligibility